Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Death in Dixie by Lisa Turner: A Review

I kept seeing A Little Death in Dixie.  It was recommended to me by Amazon, based on my previous reading habits; it was featured in my book club brochure; it was reviewed in several magazines.  Somehow, the book just didn't appeal to me, but then, I read it!  This is a wonderful mystery with appealing and despicable characters, interwoven mysteries, and a bit of humor at just the right places.

Mercy Snow has returned to Memphis at her sister's request.  Mercy left years ago and has made it on her own, beginning a bakery in Atlanta.  Her mother and her sister have always treated her as the ugly duckling.  Mercy has built up her self esteem, but is till battling bitterness. 

Billy Able, a young homicide detective, has recently ended a long-term relationship and is worried sick about his partner whose recent divorce seems to have driven him over the edge.  Lou's behavior goes from erratic to dangerous, leaving Billy angry, puzzled, and hurt. 

Billy and Mercy come together after the disappearance of Sophia, the beautiful sister.  Bodies begin to pile up and mysteries interweave.  This mystery keeps you guessing until the final chapter.

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